Analog vs. HD vs. IP camera CCTV systems

Not All CCTV systems are created equal.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the camera for your CCTV system – from the resolution and lens type to sensitivity and noise reduction, white balance control, night time performance, recording frame rate and the list just goes on…

In this update we will be comparing the resolution between analog, HD and high resolution IP cameras with up to 4 Megapixels.

Here’s the resolution comparison chart.


Traditional analog CCTV camera systems are either CIF, 4CIF or D1 resolution.

Most of the standard HD camera systems are either HD 720p or HD 1080p resolution.

Our 3-4 Megapixel and higher resolution IP cameras are a great upgrade for any analog or HD system.

The resolution difference between a D1 analog camera and our most popular 4 Megapixel camera is almost 1200%.

Even compared to a 720p HD camera, our 4 Megapixel camera provides 400% higher resolution.


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